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Through an uncompromising focus on our values and high-caliber coaching, our Mission is to provide a year-round program to develop each athletes skill, grit, and integrity and to inspire and empower each of our athletes to achieve their personal goals in athletics and in life!

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Mighty Mites Head Coach

Ash Sullivan

Ash Sullivan, a native of Incline Village and a lifelong skier at Diamond Peak, immersed himself in diverse practices abroad, exploring yoga, meditation, ayurvedic medicine, and rolfing/preshiva during his time in India. His deepening interest in health and the body's functions led him to obtain a practitioner's license upon returning to the States, followed by further studies at Morehouse College.

Motivated by his experiences in semi-professional rugby and holistic healing, Ash cultivated a holistic approach to athletics, blending his understanding of the body's adaptability with environmental influences. This unique perspective became instrumental as he transitioned back to Incline Village, where he documented environmental impacts on physical health while expanding his knowledge.

Today, Ash channels this wealth of experience into coaching the community's youth in various sports, particularly as the Mighty Mites Head Coach at Diamond Peak. His dedication to holistic wellness and understanding of the body's intricacies enriches his role, shaping not only athletes but also nurturing a deeper connection to Diamond Peak's culture and values.

All Mountain Head Coach

Dylan Burch

Dylan Burch, our esteemed All-Mountain Head Coach, infuses the Diamond Peak Ski Team with an extraordinary blend of youthful energy, expertise, and passion. Discovering his love for skiing at the age of 7 near Mt. Hood, Dylan's journey led him to the breathtaking slopes of Lake Tahoe, where he has immersed himself in the mountain community for the past four years.

His commitment to the sport was evident when he joined Sierra Nevada University's freestyle ski team in 2019, showcasing his dedication and contributing to Tahoe's vibrant skiing scene. Beyond coaching, Dylan thrives in skiing, mountain biking, cliff jumps, workouts, and mindfulness practices.

With aspirations reaching as high as the peaks he conquers, Dylan aims for the podium at the prestigious Freeride World Tour, a testament to his unwavering determination and competitive spirit. As the driving force behind the All-Mountain program, Dylan leads the team on a journey towards success, aiming to craft unforgettable moments both on and off the slopes.

Safety and Utility Coach

John "Dingo" Murrell

Dingo, originally from Manly, NSW, Australia, embarked on a remarkable skiing and snowboarding journey in Perisher Valley, NSW. His enduring passion for the slopes shaped an impressive career in snow sports. After marrying April in 1995, Dingo made his way to Mammoth Lakes, CA, where he became a Professional Ski Patroller during winter and a Certified Lift Electrician in the summer at Mammoth Mountain.

Bringing over a decade of experience to Incline Village in 2010, Dingo joined Diamond Peak as a Professional Ski and Snowboard instructor. His dedication saw him rise to the role of Lift Operations Supervisor. Presently, he shares his wealth of knowledge, safety expertise, teaching skills, and coaching prowess with the Incline Village and Crystal Bay community.

Dingo's holistic approach to skiing, embracing 'top to bottom' and 'boundary to boundary,' mirrors his unwavering commitment to our vibrant community Ski Team, enhancing our collective passion for the slopes.

"Turn 'Em"

U16 Head Coach

Lindsay Dowd

Meet Lindsay Dowd, the esteemed Head Coach of U16 Alpine Racing at Diamond Peak Ski Team. Hailing from Northern New Hampshire, Lindsay's passion for skiing ignited at a young age, setting the stage for a lifelong journey in the sport. With professional expertise marked by a level 300 USSS certification, Lindsay commenced her coaching career full-time in Tahoe in 2007. Her coaching journey includes impactful roles at Auburn Ski Club and, most recently, Palisades Tahoe, where she worked with all age groups from U12 to FIS, serving as the U16 Head Coach for five years.

Lindsay's coaching prowess extends beyond local realms; she has actively participated in numerous Western Region and National level races and projects with past athletes, including RTG, NPS, and U16 Nationals. Currently serving as the U16 chair on the Far West Alpine Competition Committee (FW ACC), Lindsay brings a wealth of experience and insight to her role.

For Lindsay, skiing is more than a sport; it's a soul-nourishing experience that offers challenges and opportunities for personal growth. Her commitment to coaching stems from a desire to develop lifelong relationships, share in athletes' rewarding and challenging moments, and contribute to their personal and athletic development. Lindsay finds joy in the journey, embracing opportunities to travel, learn, and expand her knowledge base both on and off the hill. As Head Coach, Lindsay is dedicated to fostering a positive and growth-oriented environment for athletes at Diamond Peak Ski Team.

Athletic Director

Mats Boehnke

Mats Boehnke, from Carson City, NV, carries a family legacy of skiing and coaching with deep passion. His journey began at Diamond Peak, where he first tasted the thrill of racing. Mats refined his skiing skills at the College of Idaho, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Political Economy. Yet, his heart remained devoted to youth development, prompting his return to Diamond Peak to start his coaching career.

Mats' coaching path reflects an unwavering commitment to fundamentals and a deep understanding of the mental aspects of coaching, maximizing athlete potential. This dedication led to a pivotal moment in 2018 when he coached the US National Women's Tech team, including during the Pyeong Chang Olympics. After his national team tenure, Mats returned to Lake Tahoe, where his skiing journey began. Today, he resides in Incline Village with partner Lindsay and their future Diamond Peak Mighty Mites, Wyatt and Essie. As Athletic Director, and U8/U10 Coach, of the Diamond Peak Ski Team, Mats champions a holistic coaching approach, ensuring his passion for skiing and youth development thrives.

U18/FIS Head Coach

Mike Savage

Born and raised amidst the rugged landscapes of Maine, Mike Savage is a visionary leader, seasoned coach, and passionate advocate for outdoor recreation. With a diverse array of experiences spanning across the ski industry, education, and outdoor pursuits, Mike’s journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to nurturing talent.

Mike’s educational journey began at the University of Maine, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economic/Business Administration in 1992. His thirst for knowledge and passion for skiing led him to pursue specialized training in the ski industry, obtaining Ski Industry Certification and Coaching/Teaching Modules from the same institution. Furthering his expertise, Mike completed the Coaching Master Program at the University of Utah, solidifying his foundation in coaching and program management.

Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Mike embarked on a career dedicated to shaping the future of skiing. His professional journey includes significant roles at prestigious ski academies and programs across the United States and beyond. From serving as Program Director at Waterville Valley Academy and Carrabassett Valley Academy to founding Team Savage Ski Racing in Reno/Lake Tahoe, Mike has been instrumental in cultivating a culture of excellence and achievement.

Mike’s impact extends beyond coaching, as he has played a pivotal role in various development projects and associations within the ski community. From coaching the Denmark Olympic Ski Team as Olympic Head Coach to leading development projects across North America, South America, and Europe, Mike’s influence has transcended borders and inspired countless athletes to reach their full potential. In addition to his contributions to the ski industry, Mike has a so pursued diverse interests and experiences outside of skiing. From guiding recreational activities such as hunting and fishing with Iron Horse Outfitters to managing land and forestry operations with Mike Savage Logging, Mike embodies a spirit of adventure and stewardship of the natural world.

Mike Savage’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and expertise in shaping careers and making a lasting impact. Through his leadership, coaching, and entrepreneurial endeavors, Mike has left an indelible mark on the world of skiing and outdoor recreation, inspiring individuals to pursue their dreams and embrace the wonders of the great.

Race Administrator

Mike Vester

Mike's deep connection with skiing began at China Peak Ski Resort in California at the age of 3, sparking a lifelong passion for the sport. He initially pursued ski racing but later became an accomplished soccer player throughout high school and college at Dominican University. Despite his soccer commitments, skiing remained close to his heart, and each winter, he honed his skills in California and Colorado. In recent years, Mike immersed himself in Masters Racing in both the Central Valley and Lake Tahoe, strengthening his bond with skiing.

Mike's devotion extends to his family, sharing his love for skiing with his wife and their two young children, aged 11 and 7, who have flourished under his guidance. His coaching philosophy emphasizes the joy of skiing, underpinned by hard work and determination. Mike enthusiastically contributes to the Diamond Peak Ski Team's success as the Race Administrator and fosters a deep love for skiing among its members.

Shooting Stars Head Coach

Mimi Meyers

Coach Mimi, a beacon of skiing joy, serves the Diamond Peak Ski Team as the Shooting Stars Head Coach. Her coaching values, emphasizing safety and fun, were honed while guiding her children through the Child Ski Center under the tutelage of esteemed instructor Bee Ferrato.

Transitioning from a volunteer to a coach, Mimi's 16+ years of expertise, backed by Level I and II ski instructor certifications, alongside Coaching Level 100, focuses on nurturing confidence and creativity in young skiers. She directs her passion into playful learning, imparting essential skills through engaging activities.

Raising her daughters, Kaci and Rachel, through the Diamond Peak Ski Team, Mimi instilled a love for skiing in them. Both daughters, now coaches themselves, mirror Mimi's dedication to the sport and fostering a thriving learning atmosphere. Meanwhile, her husband Gordon Meyer, a National Ski Patroller, also served as the DPSEF Board President for many years, showcasing their family's extensive involvement and historical connection to the Foundation.

As the Shooting Stars Head Coach, Mimi's dedication to skiing and molding young talents remains unwavering. Beyond ski gear, cherished memories of shaping young minds endure, underscoring the profound impact of her fun-filled coaching experiences.

Devo All Mountain Head Coach

Mitch O'Brien

Mitch O’Brien, a lifelong skiing enthusiast, turned his passion into a professional pursuit. Graduating from Sierra Nevada College in May 2022 with a Bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Studies, majoring in Outdoor Adventure Leadership and Ski Business Resort Management, Mitch delved deeply into the ski industry.

During his academic journey, Mitch honed his skills as a ski instructor, earning multiple PSIA certifications and coaching in the Mighty Mites Program. His extensive backcountry ski experience, coupled with ongoing avalanche education, reflects his commitment to continuous improvement.

Looking ahead, Mitch aims to elevate his skiing prowess, coaching abilities, and avalanche awareness to enhance the DPSEF athlete experience. Armed with qualifications like USSA L100, IFSA L100, PSIA Level 2 Skier, and Avalanche Rec 1, Mitch brings five years of competitive snowsport education and coaching to his fourth year with the Diamond Peak Ski Team.

Masters Head Coach

Ryan Ritchie

Ryan's skiing journey began at a tender age of 2, racing with the Bear Valley Race Team throughout high school. At UC Davis, he led the Ski Team to USCSA Nationals for three consecutive years, where he crossed paths with his ski-racing wife. Post-graduation with a Biomechanics degree, he served as Assistant Coach at UCD while diving into Physical Therapy studies.

His PT career took him to Europe with the US Men’s Downhill team as their Physio, temporarily pausing his ski racing pursuits. Transitioning to coaching, Ryan directed his expertise to his daughters' ski racing endeavors and now guides the DPSEF Masters team. Alongside his wife and daughters, they revel in mountain biking, backpacking, and wake surfing during the off-season, sharing a passion for the outdoors that extends beyond the slopes.

U12 Head Coach

Sixtine Piccard

Sixtine Piccard, our U12 Alpine Coach, brings a wealth of skiing experience from her roots as a French ski racer in the Alps. Skiing has been ingrained in her life since childhood, fostering a deep passion for the sport on the snow-covered slopes. After five years in the FIS circuit in France, Sixtine pursued her aspirations in the USA.

Her educational journey led her through Sierra Nevada University (SNU) and the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), focusing on Psychology and Biology with a sports medicine concentration. Competing as a Division 1 athlete on the collegiate ski teams provided her with victories, podium finishes in FIS, and national titles in the USCSA circuit.

With a profound understanding of sports performance, human anatomy, and athletic psychology, Sixtine is eager to impart her knowledge. Her aim is to mentor and inspire passionate young skiers, nurturing their growth while sharing invaluable insights. She eagerly anticipates guiding athletes to flourish, eager to witness their progression on this exhilarating journey.

Program Administrator

Tori Cook

Tori, a born and raised Incline Village local, embarked on her skiing journey at Diamond Peak, nurturing a passion for the outdoors since childhood. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Northern Colorado, excelling as an award-winning mental health researcher. Upon returning to Incline Village, Tori thrived in diverse outdoor roles, coaching rock climbing, leading kayaking tours, and teaching snowboarding.

Her recent contributions at Diamond Peak Ski Resort showcased her managerial expertise, drawn from ski resort operations, human resources, and finance. Beyond her professional life, Tori revels in snowboarding, hiking with her faithful canine companion, and embracing gym-based strength training.

Tori's familial ties intertwine with Diamond Peak's history—her grandfather, Cappy Cook, served as General Manager during the resort's Ski Incline era. This deep-rooted connection enhances Tori's role, underscoring her profound ties within the Diamond Peak community.

U14 Head Coach

Will Toney

Introducing Will Toney, the dedicated Head Coach of U14 Alpine Racing at Diamond Peak Ski Team. With a diverse academic background including Bachelors degrees in Geography and City and Metropolitan Planning, along with an Associates degree in Fire Science, Will brings a unique perspective to coaching. Holding a Level 200 USSA certification, as well as various USSA official and judge certifications, Will's expertise in ski coaching is extensive.

With nearly a decade of coaching experience, including the last five years with Diamond Peak Ski Team, Will is committed to guiding young athletes to success both on and off the slopes. Beyond qualifications, Will's passion for skiing runs deep, driving his desire to nurture athletes' growth and development. As a coach, he prioritizes creating a positive and supportive environment where athletes can thrive, embracing challenges and seizing opportunities for personal and athletic advancement. Will's dedication to the sport and his athletes shines through in every aspect of his coaching philosophy.