All Mountain Team

All Mountain Team

10 to 15-year-olds

Program Overview

The All Mountain Team caters to advanced skiers aged 10 to 15 and functions as a Travel/Freeride program. To join, U12 athletes (ages 10 and 11) must receive pre-approval from the All Mountain Team Head Coach.

Athletes will delve into various aspects of skiing, including alpine skills, off-piste skiing, avalanche training, equipment care, tuning basics, Freeride tactics, technical fundamentals, aerial skills, warmup routines, nutrition basics, and all-mountain safety.

The All Mountain Team focuses on training primarily at Diamond Peak on Saturdays, and offers the opportunity for athletes to explore other renowned resorts in the Tahoe basin, such as Palisades, Alpine, and Mt. Rose on Sundays. Families are encouraged to obtain season passes for these resorts to enhance their athletes' experience. Additionally, the Team has access to the DPST team van to facilitate transportation to these resorts.

Participation in Tahoe Freeride competitions is strongly encouraged but is not required.

Program Schedule

The All Mountain Team offers a 5-day program: Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (1-4 PM), Saturdays, Sundays, and specific holidays from 9 AM to 3 PM. The program runs from late November to late April, including the choice of half-day sessions (AM/PM) on weekends.

For detailed information regarding dates and pricing, please refer to the registration page.

Required Equipment

Families are responsible for providing essential equipment, which includes All Mountain/Freeride skis (85+mm underfoot), with Powder Skis and Park Skis recommended, well-fitting boots with thin socks, poles featuring large adjustable baskets, and proper winter attire like waterproof gloves, fleece, wool, synthetic, and down layers, along with ski pants. The Diamond Peak Ski Team offers team jackets available through a seasonal lease or purchase program.

Additionally, protective gear such as helmets, back protectors, and goggles (with multiple lenses recommended) are mandatory.

Athletes must carry water, snacks, and sunscreen while skiing, and it's advised to consult coaches for gear sizing and to ensure equipment approval before on-snow training. Coaches will conduct meetings in the fall concerning required high-quality, properly fitting, and tuned equipment suitable for athletes moving towards expert skiing levels in various conditions.

For questions about All-Mountain Program, please contact All Mountain Head Coach, Dylan Burch, at

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