Travel Ski Camps

Travel Ski Camps


Program Overview

Embark on an enriching outdoor journey with DPSEF's Travel Ski Camps, meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive blend of skiing experiences. Explore iconic destinations such as Mammoth Mountain, Mt. Hood, and international resorts in Canada and Europe, each offering specialized camps for various age groups and either alpine ski racing or all-mountain programs.

Throughout the camp, participants will engage in guided skiing adventures, skill development drills, gate training, and various structured environments, all under the expert guidance of certified coaches. The program is designed to foster camaraderie among participants while refining skiing proficiency and cultivating an appreciation for the sport. Early registration is encouraged for a well-rounded experience that combines skiing adventure, skill enhancement, and lasting memories with DPSEF.

Program Schedule

For detailed information regarding dates and pricing, please refer to the registration page.

Required Equipment

Ensure you're fully prepared for your Ski Team Travel Camp adventure by bringing the following required equipment: Skis, ski boots, poles, helmet, goggles, protective padding (as needed), ski-specific clothing (jacket, pants), layers for varying weather conditions, gloves or mittens, a warm hat, snow boots or waterproof winter boots, ski socks, a neck gaiter or scarf, hand and toe warmers (optional), sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, personal hygiene items, medications (if applicable), a backpack for carrying personal items, a water bottle or hydration system, and snacks for energy boosts.

Please check the specific camp details for any additional requirements or recommendations. Be sure to pack thoughtfully to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience during your Ski Team Travel Camp.

For questions about Travel Ski Camps, please contact Athletic Director, Mats Boehnke, at

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