Mighty Mites

Mighty Mites

6 to 9-years-old

Program Overview

The Mighty Mites Program is dedicated to nurturing skiing fundamentals and fostering a profound love for the sport. Not designed for beginners, this program introduces athletes to ski racing and free skiing skills in smaller groups categorized by ability and developmental levels, ensuring personalized attention for each participant.

Our primary goal is to encourage skill progression, aiming to shape well-rounded, empathetic individuals passionate about skiing. Athletes undergo assessment for group placement based on established skills, strength, endurance, and social/emotional maturity. Coaches closely monitor and guide each athlete's development, setting personalized skill objectives and goals. While maintaining group consistency throughout the season is our aim, movements between groups may occur based on coach recommendations.

The Mighty Mite Team's ethos promotes a supportive and educational atmosphere, fostering personal exploration, cultivating respect and compassion within the DPST community, including coaches and fellow skiers at Diamond Peak Ski Resort. Athletes engage in fun events, like dress-up days and the "Mighty Mites World Cup," offering a taste of alpine racing structure while enhancing skills and fostering exploration.

Participants not only improve skiing abilities and conditioning but also cultivate friendships, mutual respect, and a deeper appreciation for the mountain environment. These values distinguish the Mighty Mites Diamond Peak Ski Team program, often igniting a lifelong passion for skiing in young athletes. The ultimate aspiration of the Mighty Mite program is to prepare athletes for progression into the All Mountain and/or Alpine Ski Racing programming at DPST.

Program Schedule

The Mighty Mites program spans 10 weeks, running annually from January to March throughout the winter season. Participants can choose between two registration options: a weekend-only package or a 3-day option, which includes weekends and one weekday afternoon, ideal for local athletes with early school release. Additionally, exclusive 3-day holiday camps during Christmas and New Year's breaks are accessible solely to registered Mighty Mites.

For detailed information regarding dates and pricing, please refer to the registration page.

Required Equipment

Families are responsible for providing the necessary equipment for the program, including one pair of All Mountain Skis with a length recommended between chin to forehead, snug-fit boots, poles, helmet, goggles, waterproof gloves, ski pants, and appropriate layers.

The Diamond Peak Ski Team offers team jackets available through a seasonal lease or purchase program, while athletes under 51 inches tall can use DPST Kinderlift vests provided for the season. It's advised that athletes and families consult with coaches regarding equipment to ensure proper sizing before purchasing, and all gear must be approved by coaches prior to on-snow training sessions.

For questions about the Mighty Mites program, please contact Mighty Mites Head Coach, Ash Sullivan, at ash@dpsef.org

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