U18/FIS Alpine Ski Racing

U18/FIS Alpine Ski Racing

16 to 17-years-old

Program Overview

The FIS Alpine Ski Racing program is designed for dedicated athletes aged 16 and 17, marking their progression from the U16 level into competitive skiing. With a focus on skill enhancement, this program prepares athletes for regional and national competitions, emphasizing the refinement of techniques crucial for success.

Training centers primarily on Slalom (SL) and Giant Slalom (GS), incorporating Super G (SG) elements and travel for comprehensive SG sessions.

The program fosters values of sportsmanship, a strong work ethic, and a positive ski racing culture. Athletes are encouraged to support each other, with older athletes taking on leadership roles in mentoring younger peers. Dryland training is integral, promoting fitness maintenance and team camaraderie.

Race participation spans from USSS open to WR elite selections, with a focus on local USSS and FIS events. Additional FIS events are planned based on athlete interest, with necessary travel arrangements supported by a comprehensive travel agreement and bill-back policy.

While attendance is not mandatory, athletes are urged to recognize the impact of on-snow time on performance. Training sessions are always available, with varying commitment levels per athlete. The program also offers seasonal training opportunities, collaborations with other clubs, and off-season skiing sessions, ensuring a holistic and progressive approach to ski racing development.

Maintaining a U.S. Ski and Snowboard membership under the FIS category is mandatory for all athletes in this program.

Program Schedule

The program operates from late November to late April, offering training sessions five days a week. On weekdays, sessions run from 12:45 PM to 4:00 PM, while weekends and designated holidays feature sessions from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM. The schedule is adaptable to conditions, race schedules, and individual athlete needs, including pre-season dryland training available from September to November. Early season training may involve travel to renowned locations like Mammoth, Sun Valley, or Nakiska.

Spring and Summer programming include potential travel to Mammoth, Mt. Hood, and Europe, tailored to meet specific athlete requirements.

For detailed information regarding dates and pricing, please refer to the registration page.

For questions about the FIS Alpine program, please contact FIS Head Coach, Lindsay Dowd, at lindsay@dpsef.org

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