Development (Devo) All Mountain Team

Development (Devo) All Mountain Team

9 to 12-year-olds

Program Overview

The Development (Devo) All Mountain Program is tailored for graduating Mighty Mites and athletes seeking to refine essential All Mountain skiing skills, emphasizing Big Mountain, Freestyle, and Free Skiing disciplines, promoting a boundary-to-boundary approach. The program fosters a positive, safety-oriented atmosphere to nurture decision-making skills, prioritizing safety in daily sessions.

Athletes are expected to demonstrate confident parallel skiing on all groomed runs, comfort on variable snow conditions, basic carving on intermediate terrain, side-slipping on intermediate to advanced terrains, pole skiing, and the ability to skate on flat and slight incline terrains, alongside the maturity for full-day skiing.

The Devo All Mountain Team's focus is on skill development to transition graduates into the All Mountain Team. All training sessions are held exclusively at Diamond Peak, eliminating travel requirements. Athletes not meeting skill prerequisites will receive support and adjustments for their benefit and the team's cohesion.

Program Schedule

The Devo All Mountain Team operates as a 5-day program, spanning Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1 PM to 4 PM, along with full-day sessions on Saturday, Sunday, and designated holidays from 9 AM to 3 PM. This program runs from Diamond Peak Ski Resort's opening in early December to its closing day in mid-April.

For detailed information regarding dates and pricing, please refer to the registration page.

Required Equipment

Families are responsible for supplying essential equipment for the program, including All Mountain/Freeride skis (85+mm underfoot) with optional powder and park skis, well-fitting boots with thin socks, poles with large baskets (adjustable recommended), and proper winter clothing such as warm waterproof gloves, fleece, wool, synthetic, and down layers, and ski pants. The Diamond Peak Ski Team offers team jackets available through a seasonal lease or purchase program.

Athletes are required to have protective gear including a helmet, back protector, and goggles (multiple lenses recommended). Additionally, athletes must carry water, snacks, and sunscreen at all times while skiing.

It's recommended that athletes and families consult coaches to ensure proper gear sizing before purchasing, and all equipment must be approved by coaches before on-snow training sessions.

For questions about the Devo All-Mountain Program, please contact Devo Head Coach, Mitch O'Brien, at

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