Mimi Meyers

Shooting Stars Head Coach

Coach Mimi, a beacon of skiing joy, serves the Diamond Peak Ski Team as the Shooting Stars Head Coach. Her coaching values, emphasizing safety and fun, were honed while guiding her children through the Child Ski Center under the tutelage of esteemed instructor Bee Ferrato.

Transitioning from a volunteer to a coach, Mimi's 16+ years of expertise, backed by Level I and II ski instructor certifications, alongside Coaching Level 100, focuses on nurturing confidence and creativity in young skiers. She directs her passion into playful learning, imparting essential skills through engaging activities.

Raising her daughters, Kaci and Rachel, through the Diamond Peak Ski Team, Mimi instilled a love for skiing in them. Both daughters, now coaches themselves, mirror Mimi's dedication to the sport and fostering a thriving learning atmosphere. Meanwhile, her husband Gordon Meyer, a National Ski Patroller, also served as the DPSEF Board President for many years, showcasing their family's extensive involvement and historical connection to the Foundation.

As the Shooting Stars Head Coach, Mimi's dedication to skiing and molding young talents remains unwavering. Beyond ski gear, cherished memories of shaping young minds endure, underscoring the profound impact of her fun-filled coaching experiences.