Mike Vester

Race Administrator

Mike's deep connection with skiing began at China Peak Ski Resort in California at the age of 3, sparking a lifelong passion for the sport. He initially pursued ski racing but later became an accomplished soccer player throughout high school and college at Dominican University. Despite his soccer commitments, skiing remained close to his heart, and each winter, he honed his skills in California and Colorado. In recent years, Mike immersed himself in Masters Racing in both the Central Valley and Lake Tahoe, strengthening his bond with skiing.

Mike's devotion extends to his family, sharing his love for skiing with his wife and their two young children, aged 11 and 7, who have flourished under his guidance. His coaching philosophy emphasizes the joy of skiing, underpinned by hard work and determination. Mike enthusiastically contributes to the Diamond Peak Ski Team's success as the Race Administrator and fosters a deep love for skiing among its members.