Ash Sullivan

Mighty Mites Head Coach

Ash Sullivan, a native of Incline Village and a lifelong skier at Diamond Peak, immersed himself in diverse practices abroad, exploring yoga, meditation, ayurvedic medicine, and rolfing/preshiva during his time in India. His deepening interest in health and the body's functions led him to obtain a practitioner's license upon returning to the States, followed by further studies at Morehouse College.

Motivated by his experiences in semi-professional rugby and holistic healing, Ash cultivated a holistic approach to athletics, blending his understanding of the body's adaptability with environmental influences. This unique perspective became instrumental as he transitioned back to Incline Village, where he documented environmental impacts on physical health while expanding his knowledge.

Today, Ash channels this wealth of experience into coaching the community's youth in various sports, particularly as the Mighty Mites Head Coach at Diamond Peak. His dedication to holistic wellness and understanding of the body's intricacies enriches his role, shaping not only athletes but also nurturing a deeper connection to Diamond Peak's culture and values.