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Steve Steiner Memorial Fund

Steiner Scholarship Fund

By giving to DPSEF,  you are not just giving young athletes the gift of skiing  you  are  giving children  values to succeed in their athletic, personal, and professional lives: teamwork, skill, grit and integrity. It's DPSEF's goal to give every child in Incline Village  the opportunity to learn to ski.

We cannot fulfill this goal without you!


We are now accepting applications for the 2023-2024 season! 

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Stephen Steiner   1950 - 2014

For those of us who knew Steve, he offered inspiration in living a life of passion. His enthusiasm for skiing was infectious.  The camaraderie of friends, the freedom of choosing the best line down the mountain, the simplicity and elegance of the perfectly carved turn.  For Steve, skiing was pure happiness.  The nickname “Big Daddy” came from a silly sticker on his skis. The skis and the sticker are long gone but the name “Big Daddy” remains.  It is an acknowledgement and tribute to his big heart, big passion for skiing, and a big spirit for life in general.   

Surprisingly, Steve did not start skiing as a child.  He took up the sport when he was a college student at Cornell University in upstate New York.  After college, he moved west.  He kept every ski pass.  Some of the early ones: Heavenly Valley 1972/73; Crested Butte 1973/74 and 1974/75; Powderhorn 1975/76; Winter Park 1976/77.  In the 1980s Steve moved back to Long Island, New York and opened a restaurant with his brothers.  That didn’t last long, the mountains called.  He moved to Hunter, NY and opened his own restaurant.  Of course, the place was only open for dinner so the days could be spent skiing. It was the place people gathered after a day on the hill.  Eventually, he came back to where his big mountain skiing started.  He moved back to Lake Tahoe in 1994.  The ski passes are too numerous to mention.  

For a few winters, Steve worked at Squaw Valley as an instructor for the kids in the Big Mountain Program.  He enjoyed teaching younger students rather than adults.  Young people have a curiosity and enthusiasm that matched his own. His goal was to show them everything a mountain had to offer.  Different terrain, snow conditions, etc.  He wanted them to feel the excitement of the snow, of being with friends.  He would be tremendously honored and proud of the “Big Daddy” Scholarships and now the Ski Spirit Scholarships. It gives young people the opportunity to learn an activity they can enjoy for their entire lives. ~ Janet Hershey (Steve’s Widow)



My best memory of skiing with Luke so far was last winter at Diamond Peak. School was on a two hour delay we were doing POW laps on crystal and Luke was loving the freshies and yelling on his way down the mountain ‘’this is the best day of my life!’’  

Thanks to you and to the Big Daddy

2023-24 Application

One of the Diamond Peak Ski Education Foundation’s goals is to provide youth in the community with the opportunity to train and compete in Winter sports to the best of their ability. In furtherance of this goal and in remembrance of Steve Steiner, DPSEF has created a scholarship program to assist with tuition for our Alpine Racing, All-Mountain Team, Development (Devo), and Mighty Mite ski programs. 

This fund is supported through donations from Diamond Peak Ski Team donors, including Steve’s friends and family. 


  • Ages 6 to 14 
  • Volunteer hour contribution required from all scholarship recipients and families
  • Scholarships will be awarded based on financial need and residency (Incline Village priority)
  • The recipient must maintain good grades (3.0 or better if applicable)
  • Completed applications are due by October 31, 2023 and will be awarded by December 1, 2023


  • Full or partial tuition scholarships may be awarded
  • Returning athletes and new athletes are eligible
  • All decisions to award scholarships are final and shall be made at the sole discretion of the DPSEF Board of Directors and the Steiner Scholarship Committee. 

Make Your Application Count!

Be sure to fill out this application in its entirety. Applications missing information, including previous year tax return and requested letters, will not be considered.

The award of the Ski Spirit Scholarship is primarily needs-based; decisions are not solely based on the talent or achievement of the athlete/participant. The more specific you can be about your financial situation and/or need for financial aid, the quicker the scholarship committee will be able to evaluate your application. If you or your child has made efforts to save or earn money for tuition/travel/equipment, mention it in your write-up. Your child’s letter and/or parent letter should discuss his or her love of the sport, and how the applicant believes participation will help him/her to achieve his/her goals.

Limited funds are available. Scholarships are awarded in various amounts; not all aid is equivalent to full tuition.  Registering for the season before you have received a decision from the scholarship committee is not necessary nor does it increase the chances of receiving a scholarship.