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Congratulations Brenna Ritchie

FW just announced the 2021 Far West Academic Team and we are proud to have Brenna on the team!  Job well done, Brenna




Please Email Deedee at 


Coach Mark Bernstein is BACK!!!


It’s with great privilege and honor to be returning to the All Mountain Team lineup.  After taking off the 2020-2021 season my wife, Lisa, has directed me to go back to coaching.  It is not that she wants me out of the  house, it's that she knows how much I love doing it and the stories I bring back.  My unbridled passion for the sport and the kids left me no choice.  Having started my teaching/coaching career back in 1978 at Heavenly Valley I have decades of experience and knowledge of all things skiing.  I have worked at Heavenly, Mt. Rose, Northstar, Squaw Valley, and the last 23 years at Diamond Peak.  13 years ago I started the AMT to give kids the opportunity to ski in all conditions and terrain at many of the ski resorts in the Sierras.  Over that time the group has traveled to Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, Mt. Rose, Sugar Bowl, Northstar, Homewood, and Mammoth.  Hopefully we will be adding new resorts in the future. The focus of the group is to pass the passion to the younger generations and for them to enjoy a lifetime of skiing.  Safety, skill development, and knowledge of the conditions allows the athletes to get comfortable in all situations.  We show our appreciation to Lake Tahoe, the mountains, DP, the other resorts, and all the employees that help ensure our safety and enjoyment of the sport.  I will be working with the other lead coaches to ensure the AMT Sunday travel schedules go off without issues.  It will be a task to navigate the covid protocols and how the resorts handle our requests for tickets and discounts.  We are a one of a kind group that travels and allows all mountain skiing…something that most resorts do not have on their race departments.

I look forward to meeting the crew, parents, and kids of the 2021-2022 AMT.  Ski you soon,

Mark Bernstein

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