Mighty Mite Program Information

For 6-9 years old (as of Dec 31, 2020) advanced beginner skiers that are able to ski independently. 


Mighty Mites is a non-competitive, fun program that focuses on skiing fundamentals and building a love for the sport. We encourage the athlete's progression of skills to develop strong, well balanced, compassionate, and caring individuals that have a passion for skiing and a strong sense of confidence. 

The Mighty Mite program offers a fun, nurturing, and caring environment for children to grow physically, mentally, and emotionally while skiing and being outside in Tahoe, while building on and strengthening established skiing skills.

To join the Mighty Mites an athlete must 

  • have at least one prior season of skiing 
  • be an advanced beginner skier that can ski independently  
  • be able to get skis on and off with minimal assistance
  • be able to ski in a gliding wedge
  • be able to stop 

Skill Development

Mighty Mites are divided into 4 different color groups based upon skills, strength, and emotional and social maturity. Each color group has 2 coaches with 2 sublevel groups providing for a 7:1 athlete to coach ratio. This will allow coaches to monitor the development of our athletes allowing us to pinpoint specific skill development goals for the season for each group. 

Mighty Mite athletes can expect the following progression of skill-building. 

Yellow Team Skills: Able to walk around on skis / carry own equipment / straight runs / turning runs with a wide stance (or snowplow) / get up from falls unassisted / skate / sideslip

Orange Team Skills: Proper pole handling / proper pole use / skate across and uphill / traverse / able to pick up one ski and traverse / hockey stop / load chair unassisted.

Teal Team Skills: Proper pole plants / upper body and lower body separation / ankle flexion / proper hand position / traverse across bumps in control / carving turns / proper powder skiing form and technique

Silver Team Skills: Proper pole planting / 360-degree turn on snow / 180-degree turn in air / air time control / proper bump skiing / high-speed GS turns / solid SL turns on steeps / hop turns / tuck position ability / controlled powder skiing / park and pipe and terrain training and skills.

Emotional Maturity is also an underlying deciding factor for advancement.


2-Day: Saturday & Sunday 9AM-3PM (Jan. 9 – March 21)

3-Day: Saturday & Sunday 9AM-3PM / Thursday 1:00PM-4PM (Jan. 7 – March 21)

Shooting Stars 2-Day: Sat/Sun 9AM-12:30AM (Jan 9 - March 21) **Registration in this program is limited and requires approval by Head Coach Deedee. Click here to email us.** 

Shooting Stars 3-Day: Thur 1-4PM, Sat/Sun 9AM-12:30AM (Jan 9 - March 21) **Registration in this program is limited and requires approval by Head Coach Deedee. Click here to email us.** 


Holiday Camp: December 28, 29, 30 9AM-3PM (must be a registered Mighty Mite or Shredder to attend)

Equipment Required

Skis, poles, helmets, appropriate layering, neck gators, gloves, lunch and water containers, etc.  

Training Plan

Free Skiing / Drills / Terrain Park / Special Events


The Mighty Mites engage in multiple team events throughout the season – e.g., Skills Races, Crazy Helmet Contest, Family Ski Days, Mentor Days.                   

Meet our Mighty Mite Coaches.                                

Mighty Mite 2021 Season Pricing Early Bird (thru Aug. 31) Regular Pricing (begins Sept. 1)
Shooting Stars - Weekends & Holidays - MORNING SESSION ONLY (2 Day Option) $800 $1100
Shooting Stars - 3 Day (Thr, Sat/Sun) $1300 $1500
Weekends & Holidays (2 Day Option - participate Saturday AND/OR Sunday) $1400 $1600
Full - Includes Weekends, Holidays & Thursdays (3 Day Option) $1700 $1900
Mighty Mite 2019 Holiday Camp 3 Days (December 28, 29, 30) 9am-12:30pm $200 $220


2020 Mighty Mite Virtual Video Awards

The Mighty Mite Coaches are so disappointed that the season drew to an abrupt close before they got to share their awards and thoughts with you. 

Thank you to the entire Mighty Mite coaching team, all the parents that supported the team and of course - all of our Mighty Mite athletes - we truly love skiing with you and cannot wait to see you again next season! 

Please click a coach's name to see their video.

Coach Deedee

Coach Peter

Coach Trish

Coach Jim

Coach Mimi

Coach Petey - coming soon! 

Mighty Mites Image Gallery

  • Mighty Mites contemplating their way down Crystal.
  • Coach Deedee
  • Mighty Mite - Masters Mentor Day 2020
  • Crazy Helmet Contest